Sunday, November 19, 2017


Different Trees Found Throughout UWF

UWF has plenty of nature surrounding it. Taking a simple walk throughout campus will show you that. However, when your looking about you don’t really register what kind of trees you are seeing. My proposal is to research the different trees and leaves around campus. I want to figure out which trees are where and if there is a pattern for why they are there. 

UWF’s main campus would be the location of my research project.

My art piece will be creating a digital and physical map of the pattern of the trees throughout UWF. I would like to assign each tree a color and have the map create its own artwork. I would like to use photoshop and print the map.

I actually found a tree inventory report, and I hope to use this to help me discover and map out different trees. 

Dr. James Barnett. “Tree Protection on Campus.” 2014. PDF.

Florida, University of West. “University Park.” Sustainability | University of West Florida,

David Bradford.  “Tree Inventory Report.” 2015. PDF.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Chimera Essay

When I first heard we were doing a chimera project I was really excited. Tons of ideas came to my head and I was completely ready to start this project. However, once I actually started it I was kind of discouraged. Nothing really went right for me and before I knew it I was completely out of ideas for this project. So I almost gave up before I started browsing for more ideas. I decided I wanted to do a very minimalist type project. I also wanted my chimeras to be adorable, not really scary. I figured most people would be doing badass or scary chimeras so I was trying to take a different approach. I also wanted to give my project a pattern feel to it. I wanted it to look like somebody’s phone background.
When I finally went through the process of making these chimera patterns I went through a lot of different combination of animals. From a flamingo polar bear to Kendrick Lamar on a lion. Neither of these ideas worked and I settled with a zebra bee, polar bear penguin and this combination of a dog, lion cub, deer, bunny and cat. All together all of them came out really cute. I enjoy the background of the pattern also.

Overall I do like my project but I feel very underwhelmed and think I could’ve worked harder. I wanted my project to be minimalistic but I feel as if it’s just too minimalist. I think next time I will spend more time playing with Photoshop rather than trying to think of ideas the whole time.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How is New Media both inclusive and exclusive of the Traditional Media?

As our technology grows bigger and better so does our access to new forms of art. Our technological advances have given us a new media of art. However just because it is new doesn’t necessarily mean that our traditional media is excluded from new media art.  There are plenty of similarities and differences between new media art and traditional media.  
I personally believe that with any beginning of art, whether it be new media or traditional media, comes the creative process. The inspiration, story, and visual aspect applies to any and every piece of art, whether it comes on a screen or a piece of paper. The goal of new media and traditional media is generally the same. The objective is usually to attract, inspire, seek meaning, and lead the eye through a piece of work.
While new media would definitely not exist without traditional media, there are still difference between the two medias. New media has many advantages that traditional media doesn’t. Using digital technology to create art presents many opportunities such as extreme realism, fonts, exact measurements, crisp line work, endless images and a countless number of colors. Social media also gives new media an advantage over traditional media. With a couple clicks, I can share my digital artwork with everyone I want. Hundreds of people could see my artwork in over an hour whether they actually wanted too or not.  
Traditional media, however, also has tons of advantages that new media doesn’t. It is 2017 and the competition in new media art is extremely high. Everyone is an artist now. I see tons of new media art Every. Single. Day. And while I’ve seen some beautiful artwork, I can’t remember most of it. I cannot recall any digital media artist, or artwork. That may just be me, but everyone knows Vincent van Gogh, or Claude Monet, or Henri Matisse, the list can go on forever. There is something about traditional art that you cannot forget. Traditional media also has no limits. You can create whatever you like. There will never be an error box or a program problem. In traditional media, there is no computer that will tell you “You can’t do the following…” There are no limits to your artwork besides supplies. However, there will always be a limit to what you can do in new media artwork. You also don’t have to rely on power, or a save button.
One problem both these media’s will face is cost. I honestly cannot tell you which one is the cheaper route to go. Both art supplies and digital supplies are costly. Anything digital from programs, to tablets, and printers is going to cost tons of money. However, paint, pens, canvases and other traditional mediums, are not cheap at all. The cost keeps racking up especially if you are constantly buying supplies. Basically, whether you are a new media artist or a traditional media artist, you are going to spend a lot of money.
Whether you are here for it or not new media is becoming our generations traditional media. However, there will always be some feeling about traditional media that you cannot get from new media.